Relapse is Sweet

Our lovely friends Tim & Laura are here for the weekend with their sweeter-than-peaches dog, Angus. It’s been great catching up, eating meals, and shopping with Laura. Right now the ‘boys’ are out jamming and no doubt are resurrecting the best of the best of that seventies vibe.

Laura & me just finished a little afternoon spritzer along with a little cheese, crackers and girly talk. I threw some Chopin on the stereo just now and left Laura on the sofa to have a little nap (she’s been up since five). While she sleeps happily on the sofa – she loves Chopin – I’ve crept in here, the dining room, to do a little writing. What luck! Right in front of me is the chocolate-banana cake that Laura, cake-maker SUBLIME, made for this visit. Yum – what a nice dessert to my cheese and crackers. I’ll put on some tea and get a fork.

I’m back with my tea, fork, and a knife to cut off a sliver with however it IS a special cake (made just for this weekend), and it IS a special weekend (we don’t spend near as many weekends together with our lovely friends as we’d like), so I should cut off more than just a sliver. I’ll cut off a wedge.

O.M.G., this cake is fabulous. So moist and plump with raisins, nuts, and chocolate chips. SO much yummier than the banana-chocolate chip coffee cake that Starbucks sells. This cake blows that cake to smithereens.  This cake takes you to some wonderful place when you eat it; to a fairy land where the sun shines onto candied houses, trees grow candy apples and grass blades are made from tiny mint candies.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm… So good, so much flavour. My stomach has mouth envy as I chew…

…I swear I savoured it by chewing slow but the wedge has vanished already. It happened so lightning-quick. Maybe the wedge-piece wasn’t as generous as I remember. Maybe I’ll have just one more bite, I won’t even cut a piece off I’ll just use my fork, it’s almost clean, and take a teeny bit off the corner…


I’ve messed up the cake. The entire thing is full of fork marks and there are crumbs all over the place. My cake-crime is obvious. Must fix. I’ll start by cleaning up these crumbs … YUMMMMM. Now all I need to do is cut the edges smooth, like so…

Oops, another slice fell off. My bad. Must get rid of evidence.

I think I need a sharper knife – this one keeps making mistakes. Cake, cake, oh delicious cake: I’m sorry that I cut you crooked. Here, let me fix you, let me even-up your crooked edge…



Uh-oh, there isn’t much cake left for the others to eat. I still want more but I have to save SOME for dessert tonight. There is only one way to stop a sweet craving: salt. Good thing I bought Ruffles for the Tim & Laura visit…



Weight: blob
Body fat ratio: wha? …<crunch …crunch …crunch> …you say something?


Food for Thought

I have a kind of mantra that I use before buying something new. It’s more of a question really, but I use is it as a mantra. Here it is: how am I going to use this (item), and where am I going to keep it?

Simple mantra. Powerful outcome. This mantra question has bullet-proofed me from collecting countless chachkas, kitchen gadgets, and wall hangings. And I mean countless because on so many occasions I’ve stood in a store with something-or-other clutched firmly to my breast exclaiming “OOOooo, so priiiiitttyyyyyy; I don’t care what you cost– I LOVE YOU; come home with me!” Enter my how and where mantra question and if my mantra question produces no clear answer of how I’m going to use the thing, and where I’m going to keep the thing, I then pluck the thing from my breast, return it to its shelf, and walk myself out the store.

I don’t deny myself everything – I’m not total purchase-nazi. If I’ve fallen fast in love with some frivolous thing, and if I stay in love with the memory of the thing, I revisit the thing in a day or two and if I still believe that the thing will light my world ablaze, THEN I bring the thing home. 

So why, oh why, don’t I ask myself the mantra question before sticking food in my mouth?

“How am I going to use this (food item), and where am I going to keep it?”

If I had asked myself this question before every piece of crap, aka “treat”, I’ve eaten I’d have replied “to get sluggish and in my rear”, or something like that.

Don’t get me wrong, treats are good, just like a chachka here and there is good, but a treat – or three – each and every day? Doesn’t “every day” negate “treat”?

At 174 pounds and 31.4% body fat it’s fairly clear that I haven’t been asking myself my mantra question when it comes to treats, therefore, it’s time reprogram my food brain.

I’ve called in the troops, Nutritionist Kylie Delfino, and she’s coming over tomorrow. Boy-oh-boy things are gonna change around here; the treats in my fridge won’t even know what hit them!

Hear me roar

January, Day 2:

Alarm rang at 5:30am. “Your alarm,” Said MY #1.

Groggy, my only thought was of the most immediate thing: “but Pozee is cozy against my leg, I can’t disturb him.” Thus ending my first day of journey mesomorph.


Weight: still 174
Body Fat Percentage: still 31.4

In like a lion…

January, day 1 of Fitness over 40:

I’m thrilled to be here. I’m so exhilarated to be making this mesomorph journey to better health, energy, and knock-out abs that I’m going to start pronto. I’m setting my clock to wake up tomorrow at 5:30am which is half an hour earlier than my regular get-up-for-work time.

I’ll start with cardio. It should be a snap because I have a spinner bike in the basement and in no time I’ll cut the fat. They say that cardio drops weight like nobody’s business. Tee hee, I’m gonna be SO gorgeous. I’m giddy!